Kat Jetté

Acrylic and Mixed Media Artist

Ottawa Ontario Canada

I call my compositions abstract landscapes. Horizon, balance, light and shadow are staples in the landscape genre, and intrinsically familiar to the viewer. I like to create an atmosphere that references traditional landscapes, yet appears uncanny at the same time. I combine classic cues from nature with an unapologetic use of colour to help create a sense of intensity within the viewer. Nature is never static. The abstract shapes and textures in my work represent the passing of time on our delicate planet.

The natural world is always changing. As guardians of this world, we must learn to change along with it. Whether it be a wave crashing against the shore, or sunlight slowly being swallowed by shadow - my work strives to capture these moments before they are lost forever. I seek to leave the viewer with an appreciation of the violence, tenacity and fragility of nature. I wish to convey this contrast while fostering a fierce desire to protect the world around us. 

 When I set out to begin a piece, I start with the visual centre: the horizon. From there I begin sculpting with heavy texture mediums to create a tactile experience. I build sky, rocks, stars and water onto the canvas. Finally, I highlight the texture with pearlescent and iridescent mediums. Iridescent paint is one of my favourite tools as it has the unique ability to change colour as the viewer moves around the piece. It is my wish for the viewer to experience something different each time they look at my work, while at the same time captivating them with my unlikely approach to a traditional genre.