Kat Jetté - Painter

17-180 Lisgar Street | Ottawa ON | K2P 0C4 | 613.769.0698




I call my compositions abstract landscapes. Horizon, balance, light, and shadow; these elements of the natural environment are intrinsically familiar to the viewer, and through my work I hope to inspire a sense of wonder, while at the same time keeping the viewer grounded in that familiarity. I like to create an atmosphere that references traditional landscape, yet appears otherworldly at the same time. When I compose my pieces I borrow classic cues from nature but utilize unusual colours and textures. Bright purples, deep blues, warm golds and iridescent colours are used to help create the sense of otherworldliness within the viewer. 

When I set out to begin a piece, I tend to start with the visual centre, the horizon. From there I begin sculpting with heavy texture mediums to create a tactile environment that alludes to elements found in nature. I build the sky, rocks, land, and water onto the canvas. Finally, I highlight the texture with pearlescent and iridescent paints. Iridescent paint is one of my favourite tools as it has the unique ability to change colour as the viewer moves around the piece. It is my wish as an artist for the viewer to experience something different each time they look at my work, while at the same time captivate them with my unlikely approach to a traditional genre.



Kat Jetté lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario. She received her honours degree in fine arts from the University of Ottawa, and studied photography at Algonquin College. Most recently, Kat's work has become focused on acrylic painting techniques and the use of innovative acrylic mediums to interpret her vision. Kat is influenced heavily by the Impressionist painters and early landscape photographers. Kat is an experienced picture framer by trade, but also enjoys dabbling in watercolours, collage and crafting. 



- Certificate in Graphic Design Print from Algonquin College

- Diploma in Photographic Studies from Algonquin College

- Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa



- Framed! Gallery, 1075 Bank Street, Ottawa ON K1S 3W9, 613 730-0037

- Ottawa Art Gallery, Sales and Rental, Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave, Ottawa ON K1N 6E2, 613-233-8699



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